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Bouts in Perspective
Celebration, visions of the future, and 3D street art

30/09/23 - 14:00

A day of celebration and encounters – that’s what you can expect from our collab with Cultural Centre 30CC at the Velodrome and in Dirk Boutslaan. Enjoy theatre, dance, music, and visions of the future – all inspired by Bouts’ works!

This event is part of START!, the New Horizons | Dieric Bouts Festival opening week.


3D-Mural and augmented reality

Get ready for the big reveal... We’ll unveil Leon Keer’s giant 30CC/Minnepoort façade mural on this special day.

14:00 - 18:00

A seat at the long table

Pull up a chair and meet lots of Leuven townsfolk. Join the conversation and broaden your horizons through workshops, board games from around the world, tasty treats, and more.

14:00 - 16:00

The Horizon Detector

Easels, drawing boards, and perspective boxes specially designed for the festival assist SLAC/Academie students as they explore new perspectives on Leuven’s landscape. Visit to peek over their shoulders and discover new visualisations of Dirk Boutslaan.

14:00 - 19:00

On stage
Leuven associations

An eclectic programme awaits. Inspired by Bouts, all kinds of Leuven associations amaze and entertain with stage performances from Chinese dance, traditional Leuven (Leveise) tunes, conservatory ensembles, slam poetry, and street musicians to circus acts and a fables caravan.

19:00 - 20:00

Lemmens Institute Dance Department

Directed by Jennifer Regidor, the Lemmens Institute Dance Department performs an eclectic repertoire of classical, modern, contemporary, and urban dance styles. And the The Last Supper? It inspired a whole new choreography.

20:00 - 21:00

Renelius Bikar Ensemble

Leuven violinist Renelius Bikar grew up in a musical family, where he began playing music when he’d only just turned five. Today, he’s considered one of the best Roma violinists. He and his ensembles will perform a swingin’ programme packed with traditional Roma tunes and hot club jazz classics.

15:00 - 18:15

Keynotes 'A new perspective on...’

Experts from various fields share new perspectives from their fields of work. Get inspired and expand your horizons! Featuring Peter Carpreau, Sarah Neutkens, Ruben Mersch, Alexandra Meijer, Mario Vanhaeren, Virginie Platteau, Adilia Yip, Fleur Pierets, Youssef Kobo, Jorn Craeghs, and Lien De Ruyck.

30CC/Wagehuys - Foyer
14:00 - 19:00

The Bouts Photo Booth

Immerse yourself in Bouts’ world and recreate his Last Supper with friends and family. Photographer Paulina Januszewska captures your masterpiece in the photo booth!

Special thanks to Iwona Pom for the backdrop

30CC/Wagehuys - Foyer
14:00 - 19:00

Bouts' hidden emotions

Ever wondered what Bouts’ characters are feeling? Iwona Pom uses augmented reality to reveal what Bouts’ characters would look like with one of the six universal facial expressions (anger, surprise, disgust, enjoyment, fear, and sadness).

30CC/Chapel - Courtyard
14:00 - 19:00

The Fables Caravan

Cosy up on one of the fluffy cushions of this charming little caravan and listen to short stories, Flemish fairy tales, and fables by Rien Van Meensel and Toot. For families, kids, and grown-ups too... appealing to all walks of life! (In Dutch)

30CC/Velodrome - Tent terrace
14:00 - 18:00

Face painting

Metamorfosium’s make-up artists transform kids with a full metamorphosis. Their inspiration? The works of Dieric Bouts, of course!



SLAC/Academie launched an open call to students under the banner of THREE FLAGS, inviting them to design a giant flag for the New Horizons | Dieric Bouts Festival. Starting Saturday, 30 September, you’ll see the three winning flags proudly hanging from SLAC’s façade.

30CC/Velodrome - Tent terrace

Taste Bouts!

We’re teaming up with Bar Vélo, De Walvis, Elsen Kaasambacht, Hof ten Dormaal, ’t Oud Gasthuys, Slagerij Rondou, and ZUUT all day long to serve you snacks and drinks that get you thinking about Dieric Bouts.

Kids activities

Kids were no afterthought for this big day. What have they got to look forward to? For starters, the fables caravan, face painting by Metamorfosium, loads of workshops (e.g. colouring Bouts’ paintings), and tons of fun performances.


Are you in a wheelchair, or do you have other special needs? Talk to our ticket desk staff. They’ll be happy to lend a hand and find you a comfortable spot.

  • Contact 30CC/Ticket desk: +32 (0)16 27 40 00 or

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