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An innovative sound installation

07/12/23 - 04/02/24

To celebrate Leuven’s New Horizons | Dieric Bouts Festival, the Alamire Foundation created a novel sound installation in the corridors of Park Abbey. Its name, GAUDE, refers to the procession song with lyrics penned by Gilles Carlier and music by Guillaume Du Fay and is the installation’s leitmotif. Through GAUDE, the Alamire Foundation resurrects the musical rituals of ages past in a virtual world.

Expect the unforgettable from this sound installation as Gregorian chants echo in procession through Park Abbey’s corridor. What’s more, this immersive sound experience also unravels the complex texture and layering of polyphonics through the ‘Agnus Dei’ of Du Fay’s Missa Ecce ancilla Domini. For this project, the Alamire Foundation’s Senior Fellow and musicologist, Barbara Haggh-Huglo, delved into the mysteries and intricacies of Du Fay’s masses and lyric compositions. It is a revival of the Low Countries’ musical heritage, which once resounded in Leuven’s most hallowed places.


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  • Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00
  • €12: Standard rate (incl. visit Abbey and PARCUM)

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