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Guided Tour ‘Inspirational Leuven: from Dieric Bouts to Ernest Claes’ (Dutch)

06/11/23 - 14/01/24

For centuries, Leuven was a muse to myriad creative minds. And their masterpieces inspired the creation of this captivating route through Leuven’s city centre. It reflects on a few of the spots that sparked the fires of imagination of many great minds. But there’s also space for you to discover your own hidden talent(s). After all, there’s an artist lurking within each one of us!

Leuven as muse

Leuven is a bustling, dynamic, and equally photogenic city full of history. No wonder it’s served as a muse for so many creative minds throughout history. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, songs, as the backdrop in novels...Leuven is an endlessly recurring theme.

Inspirational walk

This walk features Dieric Bouts and other artists whose works the city inspired. Join us on an exciting route through Leuven’s city centre, and discover the sites that fired the imagination of countless artists!

Everyone’s an artist

There’s also space within each of us for an artist to blossom. After all, we’ve all got hidden talents, and this walk helps awaken them!


This event is accessible to all. For any special needs or requests, please contact the festival partner.