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Guided Tour ‘Expanding horizons: new world pioneers’ (Dutch)

22/10/23 - 21/01/24

Most folks have heard of Mercator once or twice in their lives, but Leuven? It’s the stomping grounds of many, many more groundbreakers. Even though they’re not all equally famous, they still helped shape our perception of reality. Join our journey past the places these pioneers dwelt and toiled and learn more about how they expanded our horizons.

Leuven pioneers

Just as Dieric Bouts depicted the world in a new, eye-opening, expansive way, there were also others in Leuven who each uniquely changed how we look at the world today. Mercator, Nicolas Cleynaerts, and Suzanne Lippens are just the tip of the iceberg.

On a voyage of discovery

The walk (a voyage of discovery, more like...) pays tribute to Leuven’s pioneers and passes the places they once dwelt and toiled. Listen along to the tales of these captivating pathfinders.

There’s Mercator, who mapped the world from his Leuven study, and Nicolas Cleynaerts {Clenardus), who tried to unite the European and Arab worlds from the Collegium Trilingue. But there are other stories about Henri Maes, who travelled to Congo in Stanley’s wake, and Georges Lemaître, who delved into the scientific origins of the universe. Suzanne Lippens, one of the first women to explore the world from the skies, also features. Or maybe you’re keen to hear stories about Jean-Baptiste Carnoy, who discovered the microcosmic (cellular) world of fungi and bacteria, or Albert Michotte, who manifested the invisible as visible? It all happens on this walk.

New perspectives

This walk invites you to look at the world from a new perspective. Get inspired by fascinating tales about these visionaries, and discover how they changed our world.


This event is accessible to all. For any special needs or requests, please contact the festival partner.