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Photo Scavenger Hunt ‘Bouts Spotting in Leuven’ (Dutch)

Various neighbourhoods
06/11/23 - 14/01/24

This photo scavenger hunt takes you past all kinds of fascinating and unexpected places well-known to Dieric Bouts and his 15th-century contemporaries. Several short stories on your hunt give you an inside perspective on the painter and the age in which he lived.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

The photo scavenger hunt is about 3.5 km long and starts at Dieric Bouts’ former home in the Minderbroedersstraat. The hunt takes you through the city centre, where you’ll pass all kinds of fascinating and unexpected places that also played a prominent role in the lives of Dieric Bouts and his contemporaries.

Short stories
This walk introduces you to ten exciting Leuven places. There’s a short story for every stop, which you’ll find in the leaflet on Dieric Bouts, the times in which he lived, and the New Horizons I Dieric Bouts Festival.

Photo hunt!
Seek, and ye shall find...Scattered along this photo scavenger hunt’s route, you’ll discover where each of the 25 leaflet’s (detailed) pictures was taken. And they’re all simple to spot from the street.

So, take a good look around (and up, down, and behind you!).

Scavenger or…treasure hunt?

And...there’s a prize as well! Arrange the photos in the proper route order and send your answer by 14.01 to Did you get them all right? If so, you’ve got a shot at a free 2-person city tour of your choice with Lots of Leuven.

Good luck!


This event is accessible to all. For any special needs or requests, please contact the festival partner.

  • Free: Download it here
  • €5: Printable version of the photo scavenger hunt available for purchase at Visit Leuven (Naamsestraat 3, 3000 Leuven)

The photo scaveger hunt starts at Minderbroedersstraat 5, 300 Leuven.


For all info regarding this event, please contact the event partner:

  • Visit Leuven
    Naamsestraat 3
    3000 Leuven
    +32 (0)16 20 30 20
Lots of Leuven