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(Un)chained Knowledge
Fake News, Censorship, and Information around 1500 and Today

06/10/23 - 14/01/24

Bouts and fake news have more in common than you think. Even back in the day, people had to deal with information’s (un)reliability. The cultural exhibition (Un)chained Knowledge challenges our 21st-century perspective on these issues with the life and times of the 15th century and beyond.

With Rudi Vranckx, Yasmien Naciri, and Michaël Opgenhaffen.

Innovative exhibition concept

(Un)chained Knowledge is an avant-garde contemporary exhibition concept where you are an active participant. We take you from the 15th century to today and back again. And the unexpected historical perspectives you gain? They’re sure to expand your horizons on today’s pressing issues. Because...these issues were as pressing then as they are now! For instance, according to the contract between the city painter and his patron, when Bouts was painting The Last Supper, he was ‘advised’ by two external ‘experts’.

Combo Tickets

Combine a visit to M Leuven’s 'DIERIC BOUTS. Creator of Images' with KU Leuven University Library’s '(Un)chained Knowledge' Exhibition for the discounted rate of €17 (down from €22).

Old and New Voices

Throughout (Un)chained Knowledge, unique objects and stories give you a glimpse behind the scenes of fake news, censorship, and un(reliable) facts during Dieric Bouts’ day and ours. Discover how knowledge (in)accessibility was as much a problem then as it is now. The arbitrary availability of books centuries ago? It affected lives just as pervasively as the internet’s omnipresence does today.

We bring 15th-century Dieric Bouts back to life and into the present with Artificial Intelligence for the city festival's benefit. We’ll hear the contemporary voices of journalist Rudi Vranckx, expert in fake news and censorship Michaël Opgenhaffen, and columnist Yasmien Naciri. But Bouts won’t be outdone. We’ll also see and hear from him during this exhibition packed with experiences and new horizons.


The expo is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

If you have any special needs or questions, contact the festival partner.

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Opening hours

10:00 - 17:00



The University Library is located at the Mgr. Ladeuzeplein, on walking distance from the train station, the Rector de Somerplein and the Grote Markt. You can park you car in the underground parking of the Mgr. Ladeuzeplein, right in front of the building.


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