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Mural by Leon Keer
3D street art by a world-renowned augmented reality artist

30/09/23 - 14/01/24

What if Dieric Bouts were alive today? Well, he’d probably impressively master perspective drawing and create brand-new 3D worlds, just like Leon Keer. Keer’s work invites spectators to use their smartphones to engage: his app links his work to augmented reality.

This event is part of START!, the New Horizons | Dieric Bouts Festival opening week.

Eye-opening 3D street art

Keer created a 3D mural inspired by the Flemish Master’s work in honour of the New Horizons | Dieric Bouts Festival. What’s more, you can use an app to bring the painting to life and discover a new vision of the future. As from 30 September, you can admire the mural on Dirk Boutslaan.

Download the Leon Keer app

Eager to see the mural come to life? Download the Leon Keer app here!

Each piece of street art is unique and belongs to the street and its inhabitants. The temporary nature of this art form is what makes them so powerful.

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This work is on permanent display.




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