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Bouts on your Plate

Dieric Bouts puts a unique spin on how we view art, culture, and food during the city festival. Bouts on your Plate expands your culinary horizons. Let old and new flavours blow you away, and indulge in Bouts on your Plate at participating restaurants and speciality shops from 22 September to 14 January.


Select Leuven restaurants singularly pay tribute to Bouts. Come taste their contemporary twist on 15th-century recipes for a flavourful four months.

Speciality shops

For the occasion, Leuven farmhouse brewery Hof ten Dormaal is brewing its ‘BOUTS’ beer again, a Leuven witbier reinvented from taste research nearly 600 years old.

For authentic Bouts cheese brined in BOUTS beer, Kaasmeester Elsen is the place to be.

And expert butcher Rondou treats you to Bouts sausage.

At De Broodenier, they like to get their hands in the dough. During the festival, they bake a whole wheat bread, a hearty and flavoursome sourdough bread based on rye.

Fishmonger De Walvis serves a salmon pasty with ginger and stewed pear.

At patisserie-chocolaterie ZUUT you can indulge in an artisan cheese mousse with compotes.

Brewery De Coureur serves a ‘first supper’, an original beer – pairing with food to whet your palate. It’s the perfect appetiser for a 'Bouts on your Plate'-meal at one of our participating restaurants or brasseries.